The Ultimate Guide To Best Throttle Response Controller (Tried and Tested) (2023)

When driving, did you ever notice the slight time that passes between you stepping on the pedal and the engine starting up? However short that moment may be, this is something you can bypass with the help of a throttle response controller.

The best part is the device is customizable, so you can set the pedal sensitivity according to your preference. If you are curious to learn about a few good models in the market, read our reviews of the 6 best throttle response controllers below.

After the reviews, we have also discussed a few important things you should know. So, what are we waiting for? Let’s start!

What Does a Throttle Response Controller Do?

Did you ever notice that there is a little time gap between when you press the pedal and when the engine starts? How about the time spent between when you press down hard on the pedal and when the vehicle accelerates? The bigger the gap is, the less responsive your throttle is. It is also known as throttle lag.

This is where a throttle controller comes in – it removes the lag by bridging the input signal of the gas pedal and the engine via a wire. The machine first takes in the signal your accelerator pedal sends. Then, it modifies the signal quickly and sends this modified signal to the engine system.

The engine system takes less time to understand and react to this modified signal compared to its original form – reducing the time gap and increasing the response time. So, the throttle controller eliminates the extra time you spend pedaling your vehicle, increases gas pedal responsiveness, and decreases throttle lag.

6 Top Throttle Response Controller Compared

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To keep the throttle response controller comparison bias-free, we have taken user experiences into account. Here are the top products you can find on the market –

1. Pedal Commander – PC31

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  • 4 modes with 9 customizable settings can be fine-tuned to perfection
  • Fast and simple installation
  • Eco mode assists in fuel economy, reducing gas cost
  • Bluetooth compatibility enables hands-off operation
  • Different modes catered to different user groups
  • Offers hugely improved acceleration response
  • Works within the safety parameters of the engine


  • Stability is not the best; some users experienced malfunctioning

This Pedal Commander throttle response controller comes in 4 modes – Eco mode, City mode, Sport mode, and Sport + mode. These modes are set so that different user groups can choose the one that suits them the best.

The city mode is for daily driving needs – providing the ultimate balance of performance and realism through the 1:1 ratio of the pedal to throttle. If you want something a bit more extreme, you can switch to the Sport mode.

This increases the throttle response rate for the action lovers who want to get started as soon as they touch the paddle. For even more response and the highest performance, the Sport + mode is available. It allows the driver to accelerate very fast – so much so that precaution is advised.

For installation, the PC31 pedal commander follows a plug-and-play method that takes only about 15 minutes. So, you can get this device up and running in no time!

Experience With the Device

Our analyst Jesse had nothing but praises for this item, from the installation to the little details to the increased speed he got.

Our second Analyst Joshua, praised the installation and range of settings. We can’t help but praise the ability to accelerate quickly when wanted with this throttle controller.


Here is a product that will be ready to go in about 5-15 minutes and let you accelerate to your heart’s desire. With the varied modes and levels of customization, the PC31 is the best throttle controller for picky people!

2. WonVon Electronic Throttle Response Controller

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  • Improves the sensitivity of the throttle greatly
  • Environment friendly – decreases carbon deposition
  • A safe product – prevents accidental accelerations
  • Suits any type of driving style
  • Lets you choose from 9 different modes and strength levels
  • Easy to use buttons makes adjustments straightforward


  • Requires a bit more effort to install than usual

This throttle accelerator controller comes with 9 driving modes and strength levels to effectively control the sensitivity of your gas pedals. It can help your car adapt to the different driving habits of different users. In doing so, it also increases the efficiency of the car and maintains its ideal condition.

It may take some trial and error with so many levels and modes, so we’d suggest you spend a few hours driving to get a feel of the different modes at varying levels.

The device manages to look simple and straightforward even with so many modes – with a clear screen and only 3 buttons to maneuver. So, you do not have to spend time figuring out how to use it.

It is suitable for Chrysler, Jeep, and Dodge Challenger cars. For a full compatibility list, check out the website or instruction manual.

Experience With the Device

The majority of the users are very satisfied with the WonVon throttle response controller. Ben had doubts about the product because of its lower price range, but he had a great experience after using it.

Matt stated that he was blown away the first time he tried the throttle controller – that’s how much of a difference it made for him. He praised the added torque and snappiness, saying it feels as though extra horsepower has been added.


To sum up this throttle booster – best performance at the best value. Very few items in the market can beat the performance of the WonVon controller at this price point – which is very impressive.

3. iKiKin Throttle Response Controller

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  • Small and portable, a simple display with 3 buttons
  • Inexpensive yet performs on par with its expensive counterparts
  • Easy installation process and operating procedure
  • Accommodates all kinds of driving styles
  • Improves throttle sensitivity significantly


  • Can be slow sometimes in responding
  • Switching between modes can take more time than usual

Much like the previous throttle boosters, this device contains a wide variety of driving modes and throttle intensity levels, 9 each, to be precise. Adjustability is one of the main selling points of this thing. If you have a hard time choosing a driving mode for yourself, there are both manual and automatic modes.

The automatic ones will adjust the throttle based on the driving, so leave it to the machine to take care of it. This product weighs 8 ounces only, with dimensions comparable to a power bank.

Through its clear-cut LED display and customizable buttons, iKiKin makes sure that the tool is simultaneously user-friendly and sophisticated, without being complicated.

The convenience doesn’t end there, as its installation process is also a breeze. The user has to follow the simple user manual with the car engine off, and he’s good to go.

Experience With the Device

The overall user experience of this throttle controller is mostly positive. The performance and switching are on point, although the lag can be a headache sometimes. We found an incredible range on the device and love how it unlocks the full abilities of the vehicle.

Our analyst Joshua highlighted the change in driving experience in his Dodge after installing the electronic throttle controller.


Overall, it is another budget throttle response controller that performs quite well. If cost is your priority and you want a decent controller at a reasonable price point, go for this one; you won’t be disappointed.

4. Aner Smart Electronic Throttle Response Controller

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  • Suitable for a wide variety of car models
  • Affordable – can be used to get the feel of a throttle response controller
  • Improves the driving conditions by optimizing the engine
  • Easy 3-button display
  • A great number of acceleration programs


  • Not the best longevity

Throttle response controllers need to be compatible with your specific car before you are able to use one. This is where many people make mistakes – buying the incorrect model after reading great reviews.

Luckily, this particular brand supports quite a great range of Land Rover, Mustang, and Chrysler models. So, it can easily work on many different vehicles – so get multiple for the whole family!

As far as driving modes go, this electronic throttle controller too comes with the classic 9 modes with 9 levels. It is a compact device that will not take up much space in your car. The clear display and easy to locate buttons make it simple to operate. However, shuffling through all the options to find the desired one may be a bit time-consuming.

Finally, the installation process of the Aner throttle response controller is super simple and can be done in a short time.

User Experience

Our analyst Jesse raved about the different modes and the difference the throttle controller makes, At the highest setting, we experienced a full throttle. We need to add that you may want to use the economy mode for traffic. With this device, we found noticeable responsiveness from their car throttle – which is terrific.

However, We need to question its longevity – as some racers experienced issues after a few months.


While not the most durable – this product is versatile like sprint booster and pedal commander, and great to test out an inexpensive throttle sensitivity controller before splurging on another.

5. Acclope Throttle Response Controller

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  • Intuitive interface and Blue LED display provides visibility
  • Compatible with a wide range of vehicle models
  • 9 different drive modes help you adapt to different road conditions
  • Simple installation process saves time and effort
  • Able to help with fuel consumption
  • Can be the ultimate throttle response controller for ram 1500 and toyota tacoma


  • No significant cons found

As a brand, Acclope prides itself on trustworthiness and cost-efficiency. So naturally, you can expect great functionality and quality on this item – and it delivers.

Functionality-wise, this throttle booster bears a resemblance to many others we have discussed so far. However, it stands out in terms of quality – this item splendidly delivers what it promises.

As you can guess, there are 9 different driving modes. They are made with different road conditions and driving habits in mind – so you can adjust the machine to your liking.

The classic blue LED display is easy on the eyes, which is always a plus. The interface is easy to use, so you do not have to waste time reading instruction manuals. The rod is anti-corrosion and temperature resistant, so expect this item to last a long time.

Experience With the Device

Our automotive expert Jesse called this product snappy and easy to install. From our experience, we can compare its performance with the Pedal Commander, which costs 6 times as much as the Acclope.

This throttle controller works just as, or sometimes even better than advertised. A small issue was that, the check engine light not turning off. But clearing out the DTCs of the vehicle took care of this issue.


Acclope has managed to make the best balance of value and quality we have seen yet. This is an affordable product we can proudly say won’t disappoint in terms of quality – so don’t hesitate to try!

6. SpeedForm Throttle Controller

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  • Swiftly eliminates the gas pedal delay and time lag
  • There are five preset modes for those who can’t be bothered to customize
  • Compact and sleek – looks good while not taking up space
  • Straightforward plug and play installation method
  • Offers great control to the drivers and can be used for racing
  • The perfect throttle response controller for dodge challenger


  • Versatility is low, supports RAM 1500 cars only

The standout functionality of the SpeedForm throttle response controller is its ease of installation. Its plug and play system is as easy as saying 123, simply plug the wire into your car, and you are ready to start exploring the device.

Compatibility seems a little limited with this device, with only 09-187 RAM 1500 models. There is 5 default driving modes for the lazy people who just want to choose one suited to them and start driving. The modes are – Stock (or normal), Sport/Comfort, Eco, Sport, and Race.

Stock mode is the normal one for everyday driving. Interestingly, there are two sports modes 0 Sport/Comfort and Sport. The former is for the racers who drive boldly but still would like to maintain a comfortable level of safety.

And the latter is just a more extreme version of Sports. Want to go even wilder? There s the race mode of that – but be careful to stay cautious with this mode. The eco mode saves fuel, saving you money.

Depending on the mode you choose, your throttle pedal acceleration time will be decreased to a degree you will be comfortable with. And if the sensitivity is not to your liking, you can adjust the intensity using the buttons.

Experience With the Device

The consensus among our auto analysts is that this throttle controller does a perfect job for the price. It does what it says it will, has an uncomplicated installation, and is compact.


While this product works as advertised, similar products can be found to be better valued. However, it provides the peace of mind of working well and lasting long, which many cheaper items don’t. So, we’d say it is worth looking into.

Do Throttle Enhancers Work?

Yes, these devices do work, as you can already see from our throttle response controller reviews. How well the machine works depends on the vehicle you are driving, though. If you use one on a brand new car, the difference will be negligible. On an old car that does not run like it used to, a throttle response controller can really work magic.

This is the perfect way of improving your car’s response time without spending a fortune. It will greatly improve your driving experience, so it is worth a shot.

Do Throttle Controllers Increase Horsepower?

Even though it seems that way, throttle controllers really do not enhance your motor’s horsepower. This is out of its pay grade. However, it does give you increased gas pedal sensitivity and faster acceleration by controlling the throttle response curve. This means you can now accelerate faster using the same horsepower as the car.

So, what the device really does is increase the efficiency of your car. To the uninitiated, it will feel as though the engine suddenly has more power. However, that is not the case at all. It just has more efficiency.

Are There Different Kinds of Throttle Controllers?

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Just as there are many different brands and models of cars, there are different types of throttle controllers, too. This is because the same throttle controller cannot be compatible with all brands and lines of cars. Different ones are made for different cars.

Apart from that, the functionality varies quite a bit, too. Some throttle response controllers are basic and affordable, while others are expensive with added functionalities. Some have automatic modes to choose from, while others come with smartphone compatibility.

Choosing the best one from so many different ones can be tricky, but that is where we come in. Read the next section to learn how you can find the perfect product for yourself!

How to Choose the Right Throttle Response Controller for You

Here are the things you should keep in mind when shopping for a throttle response controller –


The more customization options you get – the better. You would not drive a vehicle the same way on a busy city road and an open highway, would you? Similarly, if multiple people drive the same vehicle, their driving patterns and styles would likely not match.

Having an adjustable throttle response controller helps in these situations, as you can easily adjust the device to your requirements anytime. So, consider adjustability first, when you;re making the pick.


The throttle response controller should be really good at what it is supposed to do – minimizing the pedal response time and driving up the efficiency by managing the throttle response curve properly. If it is subpar at this core task, then no matter how many additional functions you get, buying the device would not be justifiable.

That being said, additional functions do help the user out in many ways – such as saving fuel, control with the phone through BlueTooth connectivity, etc. So, do not skip on the extras as well.


There is no use in buying a throttle response controller if it is not compatible with the brand and model of your car. The device will not work if it does not support your particular car, wasting your efforts and money. So, checking vehicle compatibility should be one of the first steps you take. Ideally, get a throttle response controller that can be used on both automatic and manual transmission cars.

Warranty and Technical Support

In case anything goes wrong, will the manufacturer provide replacements or repairs? How much help can you get from the manufacturer if you face difficulties with the product? These are very important things to consider, as machines can malfunction at any moment. So, get it from a reputable brand that has a proven track record of producing well-performing devices and has good customer support.

It is worth spending a bit more for warranty and tech support because you never know when you might end up needing them.


There are many inexpensive throttle response controllers in the market, and they all do the job as advertised. The catch? They are not long-lasting at all and end up breaking down or malfunctioning in a few months.

In this case, getting the inexpensive ones may end up costing you more since they need to be replaced frequently. So, check the reliability and durability of the item before you choose to buy it for your GM truck.


It’s a question as old as time itself: how much is too much when it comes to performance? In the world of automobiles, that answer can sometimes be difficult to determine.

Looking at the various options on the market, it seems like you can spend anywhere from $50 to $300 on a throttle response controller.

However, throttle response controllers that are too inexpensive are at the risk of breaking down more often. So, finding the optimal price range is important.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

1. Can I reduce my car’s throttle response?

As we have established so far, yes, you definitely can with a throttle response controller device. Particularly for older, more worn-out automobiles, the throttle response time between pressing the pedal and the movement of the car can be reduced remarkably.

2. Are throttle controllers bad for your car?

No! Throttle controllers do not manipulate any fundamental mechanisms of your vehicle – they merely manage the electric current signal in your car’s pedal. Once removed, your car will go back to the way it was with no discernible change.

3. Can I use a throttle response controller to save fuel?

Yes, provided that you use the device correctly. Many throttle response controllers these days come with an ‘Eco’ setting meant to save fuel and offer additional traction. Some even AI to gradually save fuel with training. You can also use a throttle response controller together with other tools to monitor and have fuel.

4. Will using a throttle response controller void my car’s warranty?

No, it won’t. The throttle response device voiding warranty is a common misconception, and it is completely false. As we explained above, throttle response controllers do not make any fundamental changes to the way your vehicle operates, it only works with the electric signal of your gas pedal.

Once you remove a throttle response controller, there will be no way to tell that it ever was installed. Especially, the pedal commander leaves no trace. So, when you go to the service center, and they examine the engine with the computer, they won’t find anything. So, there is no chance for the device to void the car or truck’s warranty.


If you ask us, the best throttle response controller would undoubtedly be the Pedal Commander PC31 if the price is not an issue. On the other hand, the Acclope provides terrific value at an unimaginable price point. We hope you have found your ideal throttle response controller with our help.

Let us know if the device has met your expectations. If not, there are always more you can try.

Till the next time!



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