The 10 Largest Gas Station Chains In The United States – Zippia (2023)

Gasoline is a product that’s a necessity in most Americans’ lives. We need it to power nearly every kind of vehicle and get from place to place. Without gasoline, many people would be left stagnant.

This reliance on the gas and oil industry has made it one of the most profitable businesses on the market. Here are the top 10 largest gas station chains in the United States:

  • Exxon Mobil. Irving, Texas

    2021 Annual Revenue: $285.6 billion

    Number of Employees: 71,100

    The merger of the gas companies Exxon and Mobil in 1999 ended up being one of the most profitable moves ever seen by a business. Conjoining two powerful gas station chains was an effort to have a global presence in the industry. Not only were they successful in this endeavor, but the merger also cut their production costs by $3.8 billion.

    ExxonMobil currently produces 3.9 million barrels of oil daily. While this turnout profits the oil conglomerate greatly, their actions have negatively impacted the environment.

    The organization has a bad history of denying climate change, although their opinions on this matter have progressed a bit in recent years. They’re also responsible for the 1989 Exxon Valdez Oil Spill in Alaska, which is generally considered the largest in history, and several other major spills throughout the 2000s.

    Their operations have made ExxonMobil the fifth-largest contributor of greenhouse gas emissions over the past 20 years. While the company has contributed massively to environmental decay, the yearly revenue that ExxonMobil brings in is still massive (over $200 billion every year, to be exact).

    This has earned them a position as the second-largest company in the world by revenue according to the Fortune 500 and the largest gas station chain in the United States.

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  • Shell Energy North America. Houston, Texas

    2021 Annual Revenue: $261.5 billion

    Number of Employees: 82,000

    Founded in 1929 as Shell Chemicals, it wasn’t until the mid-1940s that the company began offshore drilling in the Gulf of Mexico’s first commercial well. This single commercial well gave rise to hundreds more within the first decade of drilling.

    Today, Shell Energy is a world-renowned gas station chain with a particular presence in the United States with 25,000 locations. They also own several recognizable subsidiaries, such as Jiffy Lube.
    While Shell has seen an enormous amount of success in their nearly 100 years and remains one of the largest gas station chains in the U.S., they’ve also gotten into some sticky legal situations during that time. They’ve been sued and fined up to $290,000 for their company’s violations against the Clean Air Act.

    They’re the second-largest violator of this environmental action in the Pacific Northwest.

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  • Chevron Corporation. San Ramon, California

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    2021 Annual Revenue: $162.465 billion

    Number of Employees: 44,679

    After a hundred years in business, Chevron Corporation has accumulated gas station locations in 180 countries worldwide. They function in hydrocarbon exploration, chemical manufacturing, and power generation. These specialties have enabled Chevron Corporation to become one of the largest companies across the globe.

    While they have an extensive history of oil spills and the Clean Air Act settlements, their business tactics have changed in recent years.

    Chevron Corporation has become more involved in alternative energy sources in the 21st century, such as geothermal solar and wind power. The company claims to be the largest producer of geothermal energy globally, although this isn’t confirmed.

    Their extensive efforts in the oil and natural gas industry have made them the 15th largest company globally, as ranked by the Fortune 500.

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  • Speedway LLC. Enon, Ohio

    2020 Annual Revenue: $23.6 Billion

    Number of Employees: 40,230

    The story of Speedway began as a Michigan-bound gas station chain until the Ohio Oil Company purchased it, later called Marathon, in 1959. Speedway became the go-to location for quick and plentiful fill-ups with the rising popularity of self-service gas stations.

    This branding move turned out to be successful, and the company went on to acquire several other gas station chains across the region, such as:

    • GasAmerica

    • Gastown

    • Wake Up

    • United

    • Ecol

    Speedway is one of the most profitable gas station chains on the market, but the company hasn’t always been seen in the best light. They’ve come under scrutiny for being ranked as the 4th worst company to work for in the United States in 2018 due to their extremely poor work-life balance.

    While Speedway has been owned by Marathon for most of its life as a company, this came to an end in 2020 when it was announced that 7-Eleven, Seven I Holdings bought it out for $21 billion.

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  • Love’s Travel Stop. Oklahoma City, Oklahoma

    2020 Annual Revenue: $20.0 Billion

    Number of Employees: 22,000

    With one of the most inviting names of all the gas stations on this list, Love’s Travel Stop is a highway convenience store that caters to truck drivers and late-night motorists by being open 24/7. Love’s locations function as smaller country stores and larger travel stops that often partner with popular restaurant chains, like McDonald’s and Subway.

    Love’s Travel Stops came from an original single store that Tom and Judy Love bought as an abandoned service station for the low sum of $5,000.

    After less than ten years, this single renovated country store grew into 40 gas stations across Oklahoma that ran on Kerr-McGee gasoline exclusively. The number of locations associated with Love’s never stopped growing. As of 2019, they opened up their 500th location in the United States.

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  • Sunoco. Dallas, Texas

    2020 Annual Revenue: $11.7 Billion

    Number of Employees: 6,513

    Sunoco is one of the oldest gas station chains globally, growing larger every year since being founded in the early 1900s. Sunoco is one of those companies that’s experienced a long evolution to reach their current status as a gas station mogul owning over 7,000 locations across the United States.

    The company has changed hands numerous times over the years, but it continued to grow stronger as the years passed. By the end of the 20th century, Sunoco was acquiring new brands under their conglomerate and making effective branding decisions that would come to cement their place in gas station history.

    As with many gas station chains, Sunoco has gotten in trouble with the law for many environmental violations. They’ve been responsible for leaking hundreds of thousands of oil from a cracked pipe in 2000.

    As recently as 2014, Sunoco was also placed on a list of 50 companies sued by Pennsylvania for polluting waters with a gasoline additive.

    Despite these environmental indiscretions, Sunoco continues to thrive as one of the largest gas station chains in the United States, bringing in $20 billion annually.

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  • 7-Eleven Inc. Dallas, Texas

    2020 Annual Revenue: $10.0 Billion

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    Number of Employees: 31,500

    While the well-known gas station chain, 7-Eleven Inc., was originally established in the United States, it didn’t get its modern name and esteem until it was absorbed by a Japanese company that revamped its brand.

    Like Sheetz, Inc., the parent company that would go on to be 7-Eleven, started as a small business storefront in its founding city of Dallas called “Tote’m.” After being acquired by Japan, the name change took place to advertise the location’s new hours of staying open from 7 AM to 11 PM.

    These humble beginnings turned into a massive chain of stores that includes 8,500 locations across just the United States. This number only accounts for 14% of the 7-Eleven convenience stores in the whole world.

    The biggest move that 7-Eleven Inc has made recently was buying another North American gas station brand, Speedway, for $21 billion.

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  • Sheetz Inc. Altoona, Pennsylvania

    2020 Annual Revenue: $7.2 Billion

    Number of Employees: 17,500

    Sheetz Inc. began as a family-owned small business in Altoona, Pennsylvania, by Robert Sheetz in 1952. It was a single convenience store that eventually blossomed into three over the next ten years. Today, the Sheetz brand of gas filling stations has grown to have nearly 600 locations across the East coast.

    Unlike many other gas station chains, Sheetz has an impressive reputation and has won many awards for its services.
    Some of these awards include:

    • Best Employers from the Best Companies Group for North Carolina and Ohio (2013-2015)

    • Alternative Fuels Leader of the Year Award (2015)

    • Fortune 100 Best Workplaces for Millennials (2016)

    • Fortune 100 Best Companies to Work For (2016-2020)

    While Sheetz Inc might not have as many locations as some of the other giant gasoline companies, they’re respected in the field. They still hold a position as one of the largest gas station chains after starting from a single Altoona convenience store.

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  • Circle K. Tempe, Arizona

    2020 Annual Revenue: $3.0 Billion

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    Number of Employees: 40,000

    Circle K is a multinational gas station chain that serves over 20 countries and the United States. They’ve carved their place on the list of biggest gas station chains in America way back in the 1980s and have remained there until today. Circle K currently has over 7,000 locations across the United States alone.

    Circle K supplies their stations with gas from brands including:

    • Shell

    • Valero

    • BP

    • Exxon Mobil

    • Phillips 66

    Although they’ve seen success, the Circle K company was bought out by Alimentation Couche-Tard in 2003 after succumbing to bankruptcy.

    Circle K’s went on to replace all of their convenience store locations worldwide, such as Mac’s and Kangaroo Express. This branding move ended up being the best decision because Circle K has continued to see increasing success ever since.

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  • Kwik Trip. La Crosse, Wisconsin

    2020 Annual Revenue: $750 Million

    Number of Employees: 18,000

    The Kwik Trip gas station chain functions under various names across Wisconsin, Minnesota, and Iowa. Some of their subsidiaries include:

    • Kwik Star

    • Stop-N-Go

    • Hearty Platter

    • Tobacco Outlet Plus

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    The chain features a fair amount of grocery store products for a gas station, which sets it apart from other companies in the industry. It functions as a small-scale grocery store in the form of a grab-and-go selection.

    Their collection of various convenience stores and their unique business model has earned Kwik Trip a spot on the largest gas stations in North America.

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  • FAQs

    What is the largest gas station chain in the US? ›

    Shell, Exxon Mobil and BP are the largest gas stations in the United States in 2022 based on the number of locations. Shell has the most number of locations with 12,606 locations across 51 states and territories. Exxon Mobil has 11,981 and BP has 6,919 locations in the US.

    What are the top 5 gas stations in the United States? ›

    Top 10 Gas Stations In The USA
    • Kwik Trip in Wisconsin. Kwik Trip is a great gas station for road trips because it offers various locations. ...
    • Costco Wholesale in Washington. ...
    • BJ's Wholesale Club in Massachusetts. ...
    • Sam's Club in Texas. ...
    • Costco in California. ...
    • Wegmans in New York. ...
    • Kroger in Texas. ...
    • Casey's General Store in Iowa.
    16 Aug 2022

    How many gas stations are there in the US in 2022? ›

    There are 72,296 Gas Stations with Convenience Stores businesses in the US as of 2022, an increase of 2.5% from 2021.

    What is the oldest gas station in America? ›

    Reighard's, 3205 Sixth Avenue, Altoona, Pennsylvania, has been in continuous operation since 1909, making it "America's Oldest Gas Station".

    Which is the best gas station in USA? ›

    Kwik Trip is the best gas station brand in the United States for the third year in a row, according to the 2022 USA Today 10Best Readers' Choice Awards. Family-owned Kwik Trip operates more than 600 stores in Wisconsin and Minnesota, as well as in Iowa as Kwik Star.

    Where is the cheapest gas in the US? ›

    If you're tired of paying premium prices at the pump, consider moving to one of the states with the best fuel prices. Texas, Oklahoma, Arkansas, South Carolina, and Tennessee normally have the cheapest gas prices in the USA. This is largely due to their lower state taxes and access to fuel from refineries.

    What are the names of the gas stations in USA? ›

    Filling station chains in North America
    • Aloha Petroleum.
    • Alon.
    • American Gas.
    • Amoco.
    • ARCO.
    • Billups.
    • BP.
    • Buc-ee's.

    What is the oldest gas station in the world? ›

    The Standard Oil of California service station in 1907 – Considered the World's first service station. Standard Oil (California) is now Chevron. In 1913, Gulf Refining Company opened the world's first drive-in gas station at Baum Boulevard and St Clair's Street.

    Who owns the majority of gas stations in the US? ›

    In 2022, Pilot Company generated revenues amounting to nearly 42 billion U.S. dollars, making it the largest privately-owned company in the United States convenience store and gas station sector.

    What is the biggest gas company in America? ›

    ExxonMobil ranks first among United States' top ten oil and gas producing companies based on market capitalization. As of October 17, 2022, the Texas-based oil supermajor had a market cap of 410.22 billion U.S. dollars.

    Where is the majority of US gas coming from? ›

    The top five source countries of U.S. gross petroleum imports in 2021 were Canada, Mexico, Russia, Saudi Arabia, and Colombia. Note: Ranking in the table is based on gross imports by country of origin. Net import volumes in the table may not equal gross imports minus exports because of independent rounding of data.

    What are the two states that don't pump gas? ›

    New Jersey is the only state in the U.S. that doesn't allow customers to pump their own gas — anywhere. There's always an attendant on duty to pump gas for customers at these full-service stations. Oregon is the only other state besides New Jersey with a full-service law.

    What two states have full-service gas? ›

    You are to stay in your vehicle and allow the gas station attendant to pump gas for you in these two states. What is this? New Jersey has required full-service gas stations since 1949. Oregon followed suit two years later in 1951.

    What is the smallest gas station in the US? ›

    The teeny-tiny pit stop in Detroit Lakes. In 1937 the tiny station was featured in “Ripley's Believe it Or Not” publication (before it became a TV show) and was also featured in a 1949 issue of “Science and Mechanics” magazine.

    Where did people get gas before gas stations? ›

    Before there were filling stations, consumers bought gasoline out of a barrel at the grocery or hardware store. But the new market for gas and consumer desire to buy gas more easily soon led to a landscape dotted with gas stations—more than 200,000 by 1935.

    Who invented the gas station? ›

    Presaging the first gas pump, S.F. (Sylvanus Freelove) Bowser sold his newly invented kerosene pump to the owner of a grocery store in Fort Wayne, Indiana, on September 5, 1885. Less than two decades later, the first purposely built drive-in gasoline service station opened in Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania.

    Who has the most reliable gas? ›

    Of the most reliable brands of gas ranges that were covered in our surveys, only GE earns a rating of Excellent. Seven additional brands earn a rating of Very Good: Bosch, Frigidaire, Hotpoint, Kenmore, LG, Samsung, and Thermador.

    What is the best Shell gas? ›

    Shell V-Power NiTRO+ Premium Gasoline is engineered with four levels of defense against gunk, corrosion, wear and friction to help keep your engine running like new. * This patented formula is our best, most advanced fuel ever.

    What is the best gas to put in your car? ›

    Premium is the highest octane fuel with a 91-94 octane rating. While most cars are fine running on regular gasoline, high-performance engines have features that require premium gas to run their best.

    Where is the cheapest gas on Earth? ›

    Cheapest Gas Price by Country in 2022
    • Venezuela. Venezuela, while overall a rather impoverished nation, is rich in oil reserves and fossil fuels, and uses that particular wealth to provide their people with virtually free gasoline. ...
    • Libya. ...
    • Iran. ...
    • Angola. ...
    • Algeria. ...
    • Kuwait. ...
    • Turkmenistan. ...
    • Egypt.
    30 Nov 2022

    Why is Texas gas so cheap? ›

    “Delivering gas in Texas is obviously cheaper because the refineries are right there,” Molchanov said. “In places where there are no refineries, the fuel needs to be delivered maybe thousands of miles, and that costs more.”

    What is the cheapest gas has ever been? ›

    Gas prices fell substantially from 1997 to 1998, dropping from an average of $1.23 per gallon to just $1.06 per gallon, the lowest since the government began tracking gasoline prices. In some states, average costs fell below a dollar.

    Which gas station is the most expensive in the US? ›

    Furnace Creek Fuel and Auto Service remains the most expensive gas station in the country.

    How many gas stations are in the 50 states? ›

    How many service stations are there in the United States? The NACS, the association for convenience and fuel retailing, reports that there are more than 145,000 fueling stations across the United States. 127,588 of these stations are convenience stores selling fuel.

    How many 76 gas stations are in the US? ›

    Number of locations available for download in this dataset are 2,041. This data set was last updated on November 21, 2022.

    Why do us call it gas? ›

    Etymology. "Gasoline" (often shortened to "gas") is an American word that denotes fuel for automobiles. The term is thought to have been influenced by the trademark "Cazeline" or "Gazeline", named after the surname of British publisher, coffee merchant, and social campaigner John Cassell.

    Who is the biggest provider of gas? ›

    the United States

    Who is the biggest gasoline supplier? ›

    Texas is the largest producer of both crude oil and natural gas in the United States.
    • EQT Corp (NYSE: EQT) ...
    • Continental Resources, Inc. ...
    • Marathon Oil (NYSE: MRO) ...
    • Hess Corporation (NYSE: HES) ...
    • Ovintiv Inc (NYSE: OVV) ...
    • Chesapeake Energy Corp.
    21 Dec 2020

    Who are the largest fuel distributors in the US? ›

    10 Retailers That Control America's Gasoline Sales
    RankBrandStation count
    6 more rows
    21 Apr 2017

    Who owns the most oil in Texas? ›

    Largest North Texas Oil Production Companies
    RankBusiness Name, Prior RankAverage Monthly Oil Production 2016 (in barrels, BBLS)
    1XTO Energy Inc.2.75 million
    2Pioneer Natural Resources Co.6.51 million
    3EXCO Operating Co. LP459,410
    View This List
    28 Mar 2018

    What are the 3 largest oil companies? ›

    • #1 Saudi Arabian Oil Co. ( Saudi Aramco) (Tadawul: 2222)
    • #2 PetroChina Co. Ltd. ( PTR)
    • #3 China Petroleum & Chemical Corp. ( SNP)
    • #4 Exxon Mobil Corp. ( XOM)
    • #5 TotalEnergies SE (TOT)
    • #6 BP PLC (BP)
    • #7 Chevron Corp. ( CVX)
    • #8 Marathon Petroleum Corp. ( MPC)

    What are the 3 big oil companies? ›

    The three biggest oil companies in the US are ExxonMobil, Chevron, and Marathon Petroleum Corp., by revenue.

    Who produces the most oil 2022? ›

    The United States of America is the top country by production of crude oil in the world. As of August 2022, production of crude oil in the United States of America was 12,090.29 thousand barrels per day. The top 5 countries also includes Saudi Arabia, Russian Federation, Iraq, and China.

    Who are the big 6 fuel suppliers? ›

    The 'big six' is a term often used to describe the six largest UK energy companies operating. Traditionally, they are made up of British Gas, EDF Energy, E. ON, npower, ScottishPower and SSE.

    Who controls the price of gas? ›

    Gasoline prices are determined largely by the laws of supply and demand. Gasoline prices cover the cost of acquiring and refining crude oil as well as distributing and marketing the gasoline, in addition to state and federal taxes. Gas prices also respond to geopolitical events that impact the oil market.

    Who is profiting from high gasoline prices? ›

    For example, ExxonMobil pulled in nearly $20 billion in profit. Chevron took in more than $11 billion, Shell $9.5 billion, BP over eight billion. And, today, the world's largest oil company, Saudi Aramco, reported making $42 billion this quarter.

    Who owns the most oil in the US? ›

    In 2014, petroleum and natural gas were the two largest sources of energy in the U.S., together providing 63 percent of the energy consumed (oil provided 35 percent and gas 28 percent).
    Service companies.
    RankCompanyMillion Bbl/Year
    7 more rows

    What is the biggest gas station in North America? ›

    Buc-ee's is the largest gas station in the World! Which makes it the largest gas station in America.

    Who supplies military fuel? ›

    DLA Energy provides energy to the military services, the Department of Defense and other federal agencies at more than 4,000 locations worldwide.


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