How to Get Slime Out of Sofas and More (2023)

These DIY hacks for slime removal can get slime out of your sofa and carpeting with everyday items, such as vinegar.

Amanda Lutz Oct 10, 2022

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Slime, the ever-popular household menace, is here to stay. Our kids love it, and let’s face it, we loved it back when we were kids—whether it took the form of Play-Doh, Silly Putty, or the homemade cornstarch classic. But no matter what form this gooey plaything takes, one fact remains constant: Slime and fabric surfaces do not mix well.

Read on to learn everything you need to know about removing slime from your living room sofa, winter jacket, and other common slime crime scenes.

How to Remove Slime from Sofas

Removing slime from upholstery—especially if it’s an expensive family room sofa—is never a fun task, but it can be done. Follow these steps to remove slime from your sofa, recliner, or other living room furniture.

  1. Begin by scraping as much slime as possible off the couch before you begin the full removal process. The key to pulling slime off cushions and upholstery is lifting the fabric outward from the cushion underneath. This helps you avoid soak-through to the inner cushion.
  2. Once you’ve removed the major globs from the sofa, the more detailed slime removal steps can commence: Collect a spray bottle, some white vinegar, and water. Fill the spray bottle with two-thirds cup of white vinegar and one-third cup water.
  3. Spray the DIY cleaning agent over the slime spot and apply the solution liberally.
  4. Use a soft bristle brush to work the solution into the upholstery fibers. Allow the solution to soak for two to five minutes, depending on the severity of the stain. You’ll see the slime lift as it gets trapped in the bristles.
  5. At this point, your couch is definitely going to reek of vinegar. You can remedy this by using a damp, clean cloth to scrub the area.
  6. Lay a dry towel over the spot to help it dry faster. If you used paper towels to dry the spot and some pieces have stuck to your couch, you can safely vacuum any remnants up.
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How to Remove Slime from Walls

Removing slime from walls can be challenging. Though you might be able to remove the main goo glob from your wall, most walls are textured or painted. This means there’s a good chance that even if you remove most of the wet slime first, you’ll have slime residue and perhaps color transfer on your wall.

Use these steps to remove any remnants of slime off the wall that you’re not able to easily pull off.

  1. If the slime has already dried, and you need to get the majority off the wall before the next steps, gently scrape it off with a butter knife or spoon. Be as gentle as possible to avoid causing damage to your walls.
  2. Mix a tablespoon of baking soda with a tablespoon of water to form a paste, adding water as needed. When you reach the consistency of a paste, add a splash of vinegar to the mixture.
  3. Dab the paste onto the wall, and allow it to dry.
  4. Once the paste is dry, you can brush the dried paste off with a paper towel. The remaining slime will come with it.
  5. Sweep or vacuum up the remnants.
  6. Wipe any paste remnants you find on your wall with a dish rag soaked in warm water.

How to Remove Slime from a Carpet

The best method to remove slime from carpeting may vary depending on whether the slime is still wet or if it has already dried.

For wet slime:

  1. Remove the main slime glob from the carpet. For whatever slime won’t let go of your carpet, you can use a spoon or butter knife to scrape most of the wet remnants out, either into your palm or a paper towel.
  2. Create the same two-thirds vinegar and one-third water mixture as detailed above, and use a spray bottle to soak the area.
  3. Use a scrub brush to work the solution into the carpet fibers and help it penetrate the affected areas.
  4. Once the cleaning mixture has had a chance to soak for a while, you can blot up the excess moisture from your carpet using a cleaning rag. Repeat these steps for as long as it takes to get the slime out of the carpet.
  5. If you have a wet-dry vacuum, you can also use it to remove an entire wet slime stain. Place some rubbing alcohol on the spot if the slime stained your carpet before using the vacuum.
  6. You will likely want to remove the vinegar smell from your carpet, and baking soda will do the trick. Just sprinkle baking soda onto the spot, and allow it to dry. The baking soda will absorb the odor of vinegar from your carpeting.
  7. Once the spot is fully dry, vacuum it up.

For dried slime:

  1. Even though the slime has dried, you can still begin by scraping off excess bits with a spoon or butter knife.
  2. Place a few ice cubes onto the slime stain, and wait until the slime becomes brittle in texture. This will usually take around 10 minutes.
  3. After the slime has frozen, continue to pick and gently scrape the bits of frozen goo out of your carpet fibers.
  4. Repeat this process until the slime debris has all been removed from your carpeting.
  5. If the slime has left a stain from its color, you can treat the spot with rubbing alcohol.

How to Remove Slime from Clothes

Whether homemade or store-bought slime, this toy can still present a danger to your children’s clothing if it gets out of hand. Every parent should know this hack to get slime out of fabric.

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  1. Prepare your workspace. You can place old newspapers or towels where you’ll be working (close to a sink) so that you don’t contaminate anything else with slimy putty.
  2. Use the tried-and-true butter knife scraping method to remove as much of the slime from the clothing as possible. Use ice to freeze the remaining slime, and pick it off.
  3. For at least 10 minutes, use stain remover or laundry detergent on the slimed clothing area. If you’d like, you can gently brush the area with a toothbrush to help absorption. Once the 10 minutes are up, rinse the detergent and place the garment in question in hot or warm water for 30 minutes.
  4. Once the article is done soaking (either in your sink or a bucket), you can wash it with your preferred wash cycle. Let it air dry.

Some homemade slimes use glue in their recipes. If the slime is stubborn and refuses to leave the garment, especially after soaking and washing, you can use nail polish remover on a cotton ball to get the glue-based slime out of the clothing. Don’t spend too much time dabbing the solvent on the garment—apply it for about a minute, then run the clothing through another wash cycle.

Our Recommendation

If you get slime on your sofa, there’s no reason to worry. With simple tools that you already have at home—plus a little patience—you can remove the slime from your furniture, clothing, walls, and carpet like a pro.

Remember that these methods are delicate, and it may take more than one application to remove the slime completely. The key to slime removal is being persistent and gentle. For a carpet, a water-and-dish-soap solution or a vinegar-and-water solution is perfect. For fixing color transfer, rubbing alcohol will help. And for upholstery and couches, a vinegar-and-water solution (and repetition) is the technique for getting your sofa slime-free.

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How to Get Slime Out of a Sofa FAQ


How do I get slime off my couch? ›

For a carpet, a water-and-dish-soap solution or a vinegar-and-water solution is perfect. For fixing color transfer, rubbing alcohol will help. And for upholstery and couches, a vinegar-and-water solution (and repetition) is the technique for getting your sofa slime-free.

What is the easiest way to remove slime? ›

"Mix baking soda and vinegar to create a paste," she says. "Apply this to the dried slime in layers and leave until the paste dries." Once this homemade paste has dried, wipe away with a paper towel and warm water for clean results.

What dissolves slime? ›

Baking Soda and Vinegar: Mix a 2:1 vinegar and water solution. Sprinkle baking soda over the slime spot and then spray it with the vinegar and water. After 10 minutes, clean the stain with a scrub brush and wipe up the extra baking soda and slime particles with a paper towel.

How do you get dried slime out of couch cushions? ›

Make your cleaning solution: Mix warm water and vinegar in a ratio of about one-third water to about two-thirds vinegar. Apply the solution: Use a soft brush to apply the solution and brush gently to loosen it. Blot: Blot the area with a clean, white rag and repeat the process as necessary until the slime is gone.

Does vinegar melt slime? ›

One of our best ways to remove slime from clothes is with plain old white vinegar. You can use vinegar to dissolve slime, and it's been proven effective in both clothing and hair as well!

Is baking soda safe for slime? ›

Adding baking soda to your slime recipe helps it have more form and firmness. If your slime is too oozy-gooey, add another pinch of baking soda to help it firm up. Continue adding baking soda a pinch at a time until the slime is your preferred consistency. If it's too firm, add warm water, a teaspoon at a time.

Does hot water get rid of slime? ›

Use paper towels and a butter knife to remove as much slime as possible. Use ice to freeze the remaining slime to scrape away more. Pretreat the spot with liquid detergent for at least 10 minutes, then soak the garment in hot water for about 30 minutes.

How do you get slime out of a couch without vinegar? ›

Removing Slime From Your Furniture:

Jill Holtz of My Kids Time also believes it is helpful to apply rubbing alcohol with a spoon to help lift the bits of slime from upholstered furniture like your couch. After doing so, dab with a towel to absorb the alcohol and help lift the excess bits of slime. Repeat until clean.

Is toothpaste good for slime? ›

The slime can be made with ingredients like glue, shaving cream, and even toothpaste—a lesser-known but prime ingredient. Read on to learn how to make slime with toothpaste for a fun indoor activity with your kids.

Does rubbing alcohol melt slime? ›

Rubbing alcohol + club soda + hot water

Rubbing alcohol can dissolve the tough bonds of slime and the club soda serves as a mild cleaning agent to dissolve and float slime particles out of the fibers so they can be removed.

Does rubbing alcohol remove slime? ›

Simply pour the white vinegar or rubbing alcohol (opens in new tab) onto the slime stain, wetting the area well and leave for at least 10 minutes to soak – this will help soften any dried slime and help to remove any dye that has seeped into the carpet also. If vinegar isn't your cleaning jam, perhaps club soda is.

Does dish soap help slime? ›

Make sure when you mix the glue dish soap that it creates a foamy, airy texture. This is what will make the slime work. Some brands of soap work better than others. We used Gain dish soap and it worked great.

How do you make clear slimy soft and stretchy again? ›

Slime can be made stretchy again by heating and kneading it, sometimes repeatedly. Alternatively, you can try using hand sanitizer, clear hair gel, foaming hand soap, shampoo, or liquid gelatine.

Is slime good for cleaning? ›

Slime isn't just for the kids. It's a useful home cleaning tool. Slime isn't just for kids. Use this simple recipe to make slime that's perfect for cleaning hard to reach places.

How do you make slime less sticky? ›

Pour in a couple teaspoon of liquid starch or a few drops of eye contact solution. Stir it thoroughly and touch the slime to see if it is still excessively sticky. If it is, just add a couple more of either your liquid starch or eye contact solution.

What does hydrogen peroxide do to slime? ›

Hydrogen peroxide plays a key role in the production of slime. Being the only pure-liquid component in the recipe, it reduces the mixture's viscosity and brings it down to consistency which can be bent around and molded into different shapes.

Does sugar dissolve slime? ›

Granulated sugar will dissolve slime.

What slime is made of? ›

Chemical components

The main components are the polysaccharide guar gum, and sodium tetraborate. As an alternative to the polysaccharide, other alcohol-group containing polymers (such as polyvinyl alcohol) may be used to a similar result. These non-polysaccharide polymer products are more often referred to as flubber.

What happens if you add too much baking soda to slime? ›

The term “over activated” means that you've added too much of a slime activator (liquid starch, contact solution, borax, etc.). This results in a slime that is hard, rubbery, stringy, and breaks easily.

Why is slime cold? ›

Slime is made after a chemical reaction occurs between its two main ingredients: polyvinyl alcohol and borate ion. When these chemicals combine, they undergo an endothermic reaction. Endothermic chemical reactions absorb heat energy from their surroundings and cause the cold you feel.

How do you get clear slime in one day? ›

  1. 1/2 cup Clear PVA School Glue.
  2. 1 tablespoon Saline Solution (must contain boric acid and sodium borate)
  3. 1/2 cup of Water.
  4. 1/4-1/2 tsp Baking Soda.
  5. Measuring Cups, Spoons, Bowl.
  6. Fun Mix-Ins!
Sep 21, 2020

Is it OK to put water on slime? ›

Water helps the polymer molecules slide past each other so that your slime can flow. If you let the water evaporate, your slime will end up like a solid piece of plastic.

Can you microwave slime? ›

Yes. I fix this by putting it into the microwave for about 5 seconds, then adding lotion. If it's sticky, add a little bit of activator.

How do you dissolve slime on fabric? ›

Once you've wiped off as much wet slime as you can, apply vinegar to the stained area and let it sit for 5-10 minutes. Then take a soft toothbrush and scrub the area with circular motions. Once you're done, rinse using hot water. Wash the clothing as usual in the washing machine and dry.

What household items can activate slime? ›

  • BORAX POWDER. Borax powder is the most widely known slime activator and contains borax or sodium tetraborate. ...
  • SALINE SOLUTION. This is our number one favorite slime activator because it makes the most awesome stretchy slime. ...
Jul 7, 2022

What makes slime soft and fluffy? ›

Fluffy slime is really just regular slime made with shaving cream added. The amount of shaving cream you add will change the texture and consistency of the slime. The more you add, the “fluffier” it will be.

How do you make fluffy slime in 5 minutes? ›

  1. Measure 3 heaped cups of shaving cream into a bowl. ...
  2. Add 5 to 6 drops of food coloring. ...
  3. Add a 1/2 cup of glue to the shaving cream and gently mix.
  4. Add 1/2 tsp of baking soda and mix. ...
  5. Add 1 tablespoon of the saline solution to the mixture and start whipping.
Jul 17, 2022

What does white vinegar do to slime? ›

In that case, the acetic acid in vinegar reacted with the calcium carbonate in the egg shell, producing carbon dioxide gas and turning the shell rubbery. With slime, vinegar breaks up those cross-linking bonds… and frees whatever the slime was stuck on. So keep making that slime. Just keep some vinegar nearby.

Does hydrogen peroxide remove slime? ›

Clean Slime with Hydrogen Peroxide

You'll find DIY hydrogen peroxide cleaners for clothes, countertops, and wood. Hydrogen peroxide attacks grime and stains with its effervescence and will break the slime down into parts, making it much easier to remove them from your carpet or area rug.

Does hand sanitizer help with sticky slime? ›

Just like lotion adds moisture to our skin, it can also have the same effect for slime, adding moisture and giving your slime a perfect stretchy consistency. Surprisingly, hand sanitizer has the same effect!

What makes slime stretchy? ›

Body lotion makes the slime stretchy. Add more for extra stretch. Baby oil makes the slime less sticky so it doesn't stick to your hands as easily. Cornflour makes the slime hold its shape.

What detergents work for slime? ›

Glue. Laundry detergent (liquid Tide is what laundry detergent is best for slime , other brands may not work) Stick or spoon. Food coloring (if desired, better if left out for consistency purposes)

How do you make the best slime? ›

  1. 1/2 Cup of Clear or White PVA School Glue.
  2. 1/2 Cup of Water.
  3. 1-2 TBS of Saline Solution.
  4. 1/4- 1/2 TSP of Baking Soda (more for white glue and less for clear glue)
  5. Glitter and Food Coloring.
  6. Fun Mix-ins (see plenty of suggestions below)

Does dish soap make slime stretchy? ›

Create stretchy, squishy, and bouncy slime using just two ingredients: cornstarch and liquid dish soap. This recipe doesn't include glue or any harsh activator ingredient like borax, so it's eco-friendly and non-toxic!

How do you make clear fluffy slime? ›

1/2 Cup of Clear PVA Glue. 3 Cups of Foaming Shaving Cream. 1/4-1/2 Tsp of Baking Soda. 1 Tbsp of Saline Solution (contains both sodium borate and boric acid as ingredients)

How long does a slime last? ›

Slime doesn't go bad, but you may want to toss it if it develops mold or if it dries out. Refrigerated slime, kept in a baggie, should last for a couple of weeks and can last months in a sealed bag unrefrigerated. If slime contains borax, it shouldn't spoil at all.

Is slime harmful to humans? ›

“Most slime recipes out there call for Borax, a strong alkaline substance like lye,” said Mark Johnston, program coordinator of the Regions Hospital Burn Center. “If used improperly or carelessly, it can cause chemical burns.” According to Johnston, close parent supervision is key to making sure your child stays safe.

Does sanitizer melt slime? ›

Another way to soften slime is to add a drop or two of hand sanitizer. The brand doesn't matter, just make sure you like the scent. Place the slime in a bowl, and just drip the gel in. Use your fingers to fold the hand sanitizer into your slime until it's a desirable consistency.

Does warm water make slime less sticky? ›

Warm water will help the borax powder dissolve better and make a more saturated solution so that you don't see powder still floating around. Encourage kids to mix the borax and warm water for 30 seconds if you can! Knead your slime in the bowl if you like.

Can slime stain your furniture? ›

Colored slime is more fun than plain slime, but also has more potential to stain your furniture. So if you have a white carpet or couch, or just an immaculate house you want to preserve, consider omitting the food coloring from your next slime-making session.

How do you remove dried slime? ›

To remove dry slime, gently scrape it off with a spoon or butter knife. Key word = gently. You don't want to remove any paint. Then, mix baking soda and water with a small amount of vinegar to create a thick paste.

Can dish soap turn slime? ›

Making the Slime

Measure ½ cup of cornstarch and pour it into the mixing bowl. In a liquid measuring cup, measure ⅓ cup of dish soap and add it to the bowl. Mix the ingredients together with a spoon. Once the ingredients begin to clump, both you and your child can use your hands to continue kneading.

What does hot water do to slime? ›

Warm water will help the borax powder dissolve better and make a more saturated solution so that you don't see powder still floating around. Encourage kids to mix the borax and warm water for 30 seconds if you can! Knead your slime in the bowl if you like.

Can you use hydrogen peroxide on slime? ›

Hydrogen peroxide plays a key role in the production of slime. Being the only pure-liquid component in the recipe, it reduces the mixture's viscosity and brings it down to consistency which can be bent around and molded into different shapes.


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