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To determine if your Ford F150 is a Flex Fuel vehicle, you will need to check the Vehicle Identification Number (VIN). This number can be found on the inside of the driver’s side door or on a sticker in the engine compartment. You can then look up this VIN online and see if your F150 is equipped with Flex Fuel capability.

If it is, it will say “FFV” next to either “Engine Type/Fuel” or “Engine Code.” Additionally, some models may have a badge indicating they are flex fuel vehicles.

If you own a Ford F150 and are wondering if it is Flex Fuel capable, there are a few ways to check. One way would be to look in the owner’s manual for your vehicle as this will list all of its features. Additionally, you can also look at the gas cap on your F150; if it has an orange or yellow label indicating “FFV” (Flexible Fuel Vehicle), then you know that your truck is indeed Flex Fuel compatible.

Finally, you could take your car into a qualified mechanic who can verify that your engine is equipped with the necessary components for running on E85 fuel.

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What Vin Number Indicates Flex Fuel?

A vehicle identification number (VIN) is a 17-digit alphanumeric code that uniquely identifies a motor vehicle. The VIN is composed of several different components, which can reveal information about the vehicle’s make, model, year and engine type. One such component is the flex fuel indicator or “E85” designation, which indicates whether or not the car has been designed to run on ethanol-gasoline blends known as E85 fuels.

It should be noted that for most vehicles this will appear in multiple places within the VIN; however it will often show up at position 8 of the serial number if you are unsure where to look. Depending on your country of origin some cars may have an additional letter in their VIN designating its compatibility with E85 fuel types – for instance North American cars use F (flexible), while European cars use B (bi-fuel). Even though these codes are quite common knowledge amongst car owners and mechanics alike, it’s important to remember that not all vehicles have been equipped with flex fuel options from their factory settings so be sure to double check before investing in any special modifications!

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How Do I Know If My Ford is Flex Fuel?

If you are the proud owner of a Ford automobile and would like to know if it is flex fuel, there are several ways to find out. The first step is to look for an “FFV” or “Flexible Fuel Vehicle” badge on the side of your car which indicates that your vehicle has been designed to run on both gasoline and alternative fuels such as ethanol. You can also refer to your vehicle’s manual or contact a local Ford dealer if you need more information.

Additionally, checking the VIN number against the FlexFuelVehicles website may help determine whether your Ford can run on E85 fuel. Finally, many newer models come with an onboard computer system which allows drivers to see what type of fuel their cars can use at any given time. With this in mind, knowing if your Ford is flex fuel should not be too difficult!

What Ford Engines are Flex Fuel?

Ford has been producing engines with flex fuel capabilities for many years. Flex fuel vehicles (FFVs) feature engines that are capable of running on both gasoline and E85 ethanol. The most common type of Ford engine to be produced as a flex fuel option is the 3.5L EcoBoost V6 engine, which can be found in a variety of cars, SUVs, and trucks from Ford’s lineup.

Additionally, Ford produces the 5.0L Coyote V8 and 6.2L Boss V8 engines as flex fuel options in some high-performance models such as the Mustang GT500 and F-150 Raptor. These engines provide excellent performance while still being able to run on an alternative fuel source like E85 ethanol when it is available at your local gas station or service center. With all these options available, there are plenty of ways to enjoy the performance benefits that come with using a flexible-fuel vehicle without sacrificing efficiency or power output!

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How Can You Identify a Flex Fuel Vehicle?

Flex fuel vehicles are becoming increasingly popular due to their ability to run on a variety of fuels. Identifying a flex fuel vehicle is not always easy, but there are some telltale signs that can help you determine if the car you’re looking at is indeed a flex fuel vehicle. The first thing to look for is the yellow gas cap.

Most flex-fuel vehicles have a yellow gas cap with an “E85” label printed on it, which indicates that the car runs on E85 ethanol fuel blend or regular gasoline. Additionally, check for an E85 logo inside the car near either the dashboard or doorjamb — this usually appears as an emblem with two arrows and four numbers (1-8-5-3) representing different types of fuel blends available in certain areas. Finally, if all else fails you can always consult your owner’s manual or contact your local dealership to inquire about any specific make and model being equipped as a Flex Fuel Vehicle (FFV).

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Vin Number Check for Flex Fuel

A vin number check for flex fuel is a great way to determine if your vehicle can run on both gasoline and ethanol-based fuels. By entering the VIN of your vehicle into an online database, you can find out if it has been approved by the manufacturer to use E85 (a blend of 85 percent ethanol and 15 percent gasoline). This information is important because using an incompatible fuel in a car not designed for it could lead to damage or decreased performance.

How to Tell If Your Vehicle is Flex Fuel

If you’re curious to know if your vehicle is a flex fuel, there are several ways to check. Start by looking at the gas tank and see if it has a yellow-colored cap. If so, this indicates that the car can run on E85 fuel, which is a blend of 85% ethanol and 15% gasoline – making it more eco-friendly than regular gasoline.

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Additionally, you can look for an identification sticker inside your engine compartment or fuel door indicating “Flex Fuel Vehicle” or “FFV”. Lastly, consult with your owner’s manual or ask your dealership as they should be able to confirm whether your vehicle runs on Flex Fuel.

Ford F150 Flex Fuel Mpg

The Ford F150 Flex Fuel model offers a great combination of power and efficiency, with an impressive EPA-estimated mpg rating of up to 23 city/30 highway. Featuring a 5.0L V8 engine, the F150 Flex Fuel is capable of running on either gasoline or E85 ethanol fuel, providing drivers with more versatility and power when they need it without sacrificing fuel economy.


In conclusion, it is important to know if your F150 is Flex Fuel or not in order to get the most out of your truck. It can be difficult to tell due to many different variables such as age and model, but fortunately there are several ways you can determine whether or not your F150 is Flex Fuel. You can check your owner’s manual, the label on the fuel door, or even ask a certified mechanic for help.

Knowing if your F150 is Flex Fuel will enable you to make better decisions regarding engine maintenance and fuel choice for optimal performance.

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How do I know if my Ford f150 is flex fuel? ›

But determining whether your truck runs on flex fuel is very simple: There is badging that says “flex fuel” on the rear of your truck. The gas cap is yellow and the words “flex-fuel vehicle” or “E85” appear on the inside of the fuel door.

How do I know if I can use flex fuel? ›

Having a yellow gas cap is a good indication that the car can use flex fuel. If the vehicle has a capless fuel filler, a yellow ring around the hole where the nozzle gets inserted signals E85 works for the vehicle. Using any octane level of gasoline in a flex-fuel vehicle is acceptable.

What does f150 flex fuel mean? ›

Flexible-fuel vehicles (FFV) are designed to operate the internal combustion engine for a range of gasoline and ethanol blends. FFVs are capable of burning any blend ranging from 100% gasoline (E0) up to 85% ethanol/15% gasoline (E85).


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